Mouse Models


Shh Cre ; Pparg Knockout Mice

  • These mice lack superficial layer


B6.Cg-Lamc2 tm1Uit /DcrJ

  • These mice lack expression of the Lamc2 gene, which encodes the β subunit of laminin 5 – a matrix glycoprotein found in basement membranes. A complete description  is available from Jackson Laboratories.


Lama3 conditional knockout mouse


Cell Specific Gene Expression In Vivo

  • Uracil phosphoribosyltransferase (UPRT) was inserted into a Rosa-26 targeting vector pBigT-DEST preceded by a floxed-stop motif and followed by a transcriptional stop cassette “PGK-neo-pA-3xpA”, preventing downstream expression.
  • Because mammalian cells do not have functional UPRT, the construct directs cell-specific incorporation of 4-ThioUracil during mRNA synthesis.
  • The labeled mRNA can then be biotinylated in vitro and isolated to allow cell-specific gene expression analysis. UPRT construct from Drs. Michael Cleary and Christopher Doe.


Megalyn CreERT2-MC

  • Mouse Lrp2 is a huge gene that is over 200 kbp.
  • Using recombineering, we replaced the translational STOP (TAG) with “P2a-CreERT2-frt-neo-frtcassette. The entire “P2a-CreERT2-frt-neo-frt” cassette as well as the 5’ and 3’ of the insertion site were completely sequenced to verify the sequencing read.
  • the resulting MC mice are maintained as homozygote. “P2a” allows expression of Lrp2 and CreERT2 from the modified allele.


Megalyn CreERT2-M5C

  • The M5C mouse was made by replacing the translational start (ATG) of Lrp2 with the“CreERT2-frt-neo-frtcassette.
  • After removing the Neo cassette, the M5C mice are maintained as heterozygote.
  • Expression of CreERT2 in this case will inactivate Lrp2.



  • TH-CreERT was also generated by inserting P2a-CreERT2-frt-neo-frtcassette in the 3’UTR to generate a functional TH and a functional CreERT2.


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